Are you struggling to keep your finances in check?


For any business, small, medium or large, it is imperative that you keep an eye on your cash flow and stay on top of your tax returns to keep your company and its finances running smoothly and efficiently.

Achieving this, can however be time consuming and distracting - taking you away from the importance of your every day business needs.

That is why Bright Marble Accounting is here. We are a professional team of accountants in Durban, specialising in small to medium size businesses. We run our business professionally and effectively, ensuring that your records are maintained accurately and efficiently.

We run a full accounting service, undertaking all forms of business accounting, financials and record keeping.  

Our reputation for quality and integrity allows us to provide our clients with a credible and reliable source for their financial information. Our local and international exposure and perspective helps us to stay on top of industry trends and changes, making us a leader in the accounting industry.

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